Dance fees  2022:    

Fees at PPDC are calculated by the amount of dance genre's your dancer participates in.  

Dance tuition is paid PER TERM and follows state school terms dates for Queensland.  Terms can vary from 9 to 11 weeks.


Technique classes offered are the same for recreational dancers and performance team dancers.

Tinies Classes:   


30  minute  tap, jazz or ballet classes  

Recreational packages:-

Tinies bronze package - $125  - 1 technique class


Tinies bronze plus package  -  $215  - 2 technique classes


Tinies bronze elite package  -  $295  - 3 technique classes


Performance team packages:-

*Tinies performance team packages include any extra performance team rehearsals and competitor passes at eisteddfods.

Tinies bronze performance package - $200

- 1 technique class & 1 performance class

Tinies bronze plus performance package - $285

- 2 technique classes & 1 performance class

Tinies bronze elite performance package  - $345

- 3 technique classes & 1 performance class

Sub Junior - Junior  - Intermediate  -   Senior Classes

Recreational Packages:

No exams, no performance team, just for fun!

Bronze package  -  $140  - 1 technique class

Bronze plus package  -  $250  - 2 technique classes

Bronze elite package   -  $350  - 3 technique classes


Silver package  -  $440  - 4 technique classes


Silver plus package   -  $520  - 5 technique classes


Silver elite package  - $590  - 6 technique classes


Gold package  - $655  - 7 technique classes


Gold elite package  - $700  - 8 technique classes


Technique classes covered

in both packages include :

  * tap 

 * ballet

* pointe

 * contemporary

* jazz

 * jazz choreography

 * jazz extension

* jumps, kicks & turns

and all exam classes.



Performance Team Packages:


*Sub-Junior - Senior performance team packages include  extra performance team rehearsals, competitor passes at eisteddfods and weekly singing lessons as part of package.

Bronze performance package - $360  

- 1 technique class & performance team*


Bronze Plus performance package - $435 

- 2 technique classes & performance team*

Bronze Elite performance package - $500  

- 3 technique classes & performance team*


Silver performance package - $555     

- 4 technique classes & performance team*


Silver Plus performance package - $610  

- 5 technique classes & performance team*


Silver Elite performance package - $650   

- 6 technique classes  & performance team*


Gold performance package - $675 

- 7 technique classes   & performance team*


Gold Plus performance package - $700 

- 8 technique classes & performance team*


Gold Elite performance package - $720 

- 9 technique classes & performance team*


Gold Ultimate performance package - $735 

- 10 technique classes & performance team*

Gold Optimum performance package - $745 

- 11 technique classes & performance team*and includes an extra 2 classes for free

More classes per week = discount price per class.




Musical Theatre is the only class that comes under a separate package.

Sub Junior Musical theatre:    30 min class 

Musical theatre package :        $60 per term

Junior Musical theatre:    45 min class 

Musical theatre package :        $85 per term

Intermediate/Senior Musical theatre:    60 min class 

Musical theatre package :        $110 per term

* These prices are for students who add a musical theatre package to another package.  Prices are slightly different for those who only do musical theatre.  



Pay as you go classes:- 

Kindermovement classes   $15 per class
Fairy Ballet classes             $15 per class
$27 to do both classes on one day

Adult classes (includes Pilates)  $12 for 1 class or $20 for 2 classes a week


Family discounts and loyalty rewards  

We offer a family discount for those that have 3 or more siblings taking dance lessons.

Two siblings will be full price, the third sibling is only charged 50% of their total fees and forth or more siblings are free. This does not include costuming or exam fees etc.


Students who have attended Performance Plus Dance Centre for a minimum of 15 years are eligible for a reduced rate in dance tuition with any of their chosen packages including stretch & turns classes.

16th year of Dance  - 25% discount of fees 

17th year of Dance  - 50% discount of fees

18th year of Dance -  75% discount of fees

19th year of Dance -  Free classes 



Tuition fees for classes are charged per term payable within 14 days of each term.  

If applicable, any additional performance team classes are free. 


The performance package fee is inclusive of any small incidental eisteddfod costs throughout the year

i.e. Rehearsal venue hire, competitors passes, rehearsal DVDs etc.                                    

The performance package fee excludes: dance attire, performance team attire, costumes, earrings, wigs, transport etc. Additional fees may be payable throughout the year depending on your dance commitments.

Fees are kept as low as possible while retaining the quality of teaching staff at PPDC.  

Term fees are the same price term to term so unless you have changed packages, the expectation is to please pay the same amount as the previous invoice on time. If you are not receiving emails and invoices please check your junk mail or contact email

Late fees will be charged to accounts overdue.


We are approachable to discuss financial matters.

Please contact our accounts department to arrange a payment schedule.


As per the conditions of enrolment, failure to comply with fee payment will result in action taken.