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Performance Team 2023


The most exciting part of dancing, where childhood memories are made !


Members accepted to take part in the Performance Team have the opportunity to learn various genre routines and perform at competitive and non competitive events such as eisteddfods, festivals, school fetes and local functions throughout the year.

Students must be attending technique classes at PPDC to be able to be part of the performance team and commit to all scheduled performance team classes, rehearsals and events for the enrolment year.  Each performance team has a designated performance class and a designated singing class (except U4s). 

This helps us to work together as a team (parents & students) to get the maximum enjoyment out of performing.


Performance Plus Dance students have been participating in eisteddfods for over 25 years with fantastic results in all genres, including tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, song and dance, musical theatre and novelty. Dancers are not required to audition for eisteddfod teams.


Local group eisteddfods provide fantastic platforms for future performers who just love to be on stage or students who want to make dance a career. Team commitment, self-confidence, great friends are just to name a few positives that any young dancers/performers gain from performing on stage. Just learning to perform in front of people is often a huge obstacle in any persons life, but especially in a school  environment where speaking in front of people is important. Dancing as part of a team often helps overcome these anxieties because you're never alone up there.  


The choice to participate in the performance team always remains the parents - your commitment is as little or as much as you would like your dancer to participate in. 

Absolutely no pressure at any time.

Once you join the performance team, a minimum committment of  1 year is required. Repatterning groups is very difficult to do after each eisteddfod and is confusing for the little dancers, not to mention the hours of work it takes to do so.

Its important to remember we are working as a team.


Many young children that are just starting dance love tap class because of the noise the tap shoes make. They practice their timing by making sounds together in class. While as an adult tapper - the skill to be able to tap sets most dancers apart from the rest.  Tapping builds a multitude of skills including, musicality, syncopation, rhythm, balance, co-ordination and ankle strength.   


Tap is one of our more popular classes with great success in our performance team tap routines.

We also offer C.S.T.D tapping exams from 7 years to full teaching qualifications.


Singing  is an essential class that all dancers are offered at PPDC.
The ability to sing to compliment dance with professional teaching staff is an asset to any student. Our performance teams are offered singing classes as part of their tuition package.
PPDC students have been very successful in professional musical theatre auditions and have performed in many professional productions,  most recently 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' & 'Annie'.  
Song & Dance classes were an essential part of the preparation with Mrs Fiona Cole teaching the seniors while Miss Chelsea Lee teaches our junior singers.
Students can perform in routines that combine song with tap, jazz, cabaret and lyrical dance styles.

Jazz classes are offered to students at PPDC from as early as 4 years of age with the degree of technique increasing with each age group.  
Jazz is energetic, funky and arguably the most fun class. The students enjoy the level of intensity with the utmost importance is placed on warming up & stretching prior to technical work taking place. 
Jazz students learn intricate jazz combinations used in different styles including commercial jazz , funk or a 'Fosse' influenced cabaret routine to name a few.   
Students can also sit C.S.T.D. Jazz exams from Junior modern (7 years) to  Grade 8 (17 years) and onto C.S.T.D teaching qualifications.


Ballet is the basic foundation of dance. It teaches posture and grace. Anything learnt in ballet translates to values that can be used to pursue other forms of dance.

The alignment and musicality it requires are only some examples of important qualities ballet has to offer.  


PPDC offers ballet classes from Fairy ballet from 2.5 years, right through to senior students who have the opportunity to complete 'CSTD major ballet' exams and on to teaching qualifications.   

We encouraged students to complete exams to reinforce technique learnt in class and if nothing else for the experience.




LDDF 201819171.jpg

Contemporary classes are offered at PPDC at various levels for students.

Starting at the beginning with Foundation to advanced levels of the new CSTD contemporary syllabus.

Contemporary dance is very popular combining unique movements based on classical and jazz technique.  Contemporary is an engaging dance style that allows the dancers expression to makes up an integral part of this genre of dance.


Students can take contemporary class from 10 years and can also sit C.S.T.D. contemporary exams which have been compiled by Jason Winters of 'So you think you can dance' fame. 


$25  per 1/2 hour lesson

Limited spaces are available, by invitation, for performance team members to attend private lessons to learn and perform solo work.  Those who already have done solos will be able to continue solos with PPDC.  


Solo students attend a half hour class weekly with your dance teacher. 




$20-$30  per 1/2 hour lesson

Limited spaces are available to attend private lessons to learn and perform singing.  


Singing students attend a half hour class weekly with their teacher, working on pieces for dancing solos or vocal eisteddfods. Students can take lessons for fun, to assist younger children with speech or to perform on stage. If you wish to compete at eisteddfods, parents and students are to organise their own music from their respective teachers.    


Students may enter as many singing competitons as they wish with local eisteddfods being Ipswich Junior and Silkstone eisteddfods.   


Solo classess are held in the singing room at PPDC with our teachers, Fiona Cole or Chelsea Lee .


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